Elementary School Level

CPV Educates is an expanding outreach program. Our elementary school program works with children at the 4th and 5th grade levels. The program is a two-part series where teaching professionals visit the classroom and work with students to educate them about fuel sources, electric generation and conservation. Our program allows students to better understand where the electricity in their everyday lives comes from through a presentation video, cartoon clips, games and hands-on activities. With partners, students create simple circuits using provided kits. They then work in small groups to put together a model of an electric generation station using provided recycled materials. Students gain an understanding of what renewable and non-renewable fuel sources are, how they are used to create electricity, and ways to conserve energy and electricity in school and at home.

The program is adaptable to suit all learning needs and class sizes. This curriculum was designed to be at the elementary school level. To view this curriculum, click here.

CPV Educates is an energy education program of Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) to create a better world by teaching the next generation about electricity and the environment. | CPV Educates

High School Level

CPV Educates works in high school classrooms to share information about careers in the energy industry. Energy experts present information about the wide spectrum of ideas covered by the power industry to help students understand the possibilities of pursuing a career in energy, the different types of jobs they can consider and what steps they can take to get there. Students benefit from learning the various paths to success in the industry from business leaders.

CPV Educates takes the class program to the plant by providing tours of energy centers for students interested in learning about how a generation center operates. CPV Educates provides a technical description of the plant, equipment and electricity markets. Students learn how a natural gas energy center works and how electricity gets to their homes.

Some Words about Us

Group of high school students learning about an energy center I CPV Educates

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