CPV Educates

According to a United States Department of Energy survey, 75 percent of people think they have a lot of energy knowledge, yet only 12 percent of those surveyed passed a quiz on basic energy topics. Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) believes that in order for our country to make smart energy choices tomorrow, we need to begin educating the next generation today.

To do this, we formed CPV Educates, an energy education program to create a better world by teaching the next generation about energy and the choices we make about its use.

Our team is comprised of educational professionals and energy experts working together to bring real world experiences into the classroom. CPV offers this program to participating schools and organizations free-of-charge as part of its ongoing public outreach program. CPV Educates works closely with educators and administrators to accommodate different grade levels and group sizes. Our curriculum is flexible, can be modified to suit your classroom and is designed to be integrated into existing lesson plans.

Some Words about Us

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